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Mixed Mutt Creamery is the definition of doggo deliciousness! Founded in 2020, we like to say we are bringing joy to all of the doggos in Kansas City and we hope to continue doing so for years to come.

We offer no contact delivery on local items in the Kansas City area. 


Go on a "doggie date" with Mixed Mutt Creamery delivered to your door. Subscribe to our monthly Doggo Date Box. We will offer a variety of special treats each month while highlighting local businesses around the KC area.:

1) Mixed Mutt Creamery Artisan Doggie Ice Cream  - receive 2 flavors each month 5oz cups


2) Treats - A variety of chews, cookies, training treats or jerky. 

3) Bandanas & Toys - Seasonal bandana, flower or bowtie and a toy will be included every month.

Once we make a profile of your Doggo ~we can fine tune your date box to make the most out of your experience with your best friend.


Our doggie ice cream is lactose free, wheat free, and contains limited ingredients.



Everyone in the world can certainly agree that 2020 was quite hard at times. We moved from Colorado to Kansas City with our 2 rescue dogs, Starbuck and Branches. We bought our fur-ever home in Waldo to be close to our new grandbaby. 


Within 2 weeks, Starbuck suddenly couldn't walk and we tragically lost her just days later. She was 12 year old lab-osaurus (we don't know what she was mixed with, but was a big girl)! Two weeks after that, I suddenly lost my dad. Then, I lost my job. 


Everyone was so sad in the house and our other doggie, Branches, had never been without Starbuck. I rescued a puppy virtually from a local rescue, the very same one that we had rescued Starbuck from (Wayside Waifs). We named her Sierra and she had been very sick with Parvo, but made it and is now amazing!


 We also decided as we were training this puppy, we should find her a friend so they could grow up together just like our Starbuck and Branches did. Branches is 10, some kind of herding dog, Jack Russell mix, and has really found her spark with the 2 newest pups around. Our last dog, Delila, is all black with a few small splashes of white and when I went to see her, she was just listed as a mutt - they had no idea what she was, but she was perfect.


We really love our pack! They have brought all of the joy, smiles, & happiness back into the home, all while living their best lives. You're probably familiar with the saying "Who Rescued Who?"... I have never felt that to be so true. 


So that is our doggie journey to date. 

I'm following my heart & my dream!


We have 4 children: 2 girls & 2 boys & our granddaughter, who I can't wait to have at Mixed Mutt Creamery learning to make doggie ice cream with me.

2021-2022 Update --as Covid hung on a lot longer than we expected, we have had to pivot our business.  We lost my husband's mom & several friends in this time period, we closed our retail space and focused on wholesale. 

2023!! We are looking forward to getting back out to events and the Doggos!  We are introducing our monthly Doggo Date Box delivered to your doorstep.  We are looking forward to partnering with more local businesses.

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